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On behalf of the Tipperary Association Dublin, I wish to welcome you to our website. 

The main purpose of the website is to communicate with and inform fellow Tipperary people in Dublin and adjacent counties about our activities and events. It is also hoped that the website will encourage more "Tipps" to join us in our efforts and attract a new generation of Tipperary people to participate.

It will be appreciated that, when first founded, the main purpose of the Association was to provide a "home from home" for Tipperary people coming to live and work in Dublin. Historically, the Association provided support for fellow county people if needed and ran many social events for the "Tipps" to meet and enjoy each others company. While this role has changed over the years, due to easier travel and communications, the central theme of friendship, support and comradeship remains. The Association meets regularly in the famous Palace Bar on Fleet Street where our hosts, the Aherne family, have provided us with meeting facilities in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. 


Liam Myles,
President  Tipperary Association Dublin  2018.
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